Internal expanding Brakes are radial brakes

What type of brakes used in the locomotives or trains?
A) Radial
B) Axial
C) Both A & B

Check the below image and guess.

Internal expanding Brakes

Answer- Both (C)

Internal expanding brakes are commonly used in trains. They expand radially with the help of hydraulic cylinders and compressors. Disc brakes are also used in the high speed trains and they act axially. It means movement of the brakes is along the shaft of the train wheels or center of the wheels.

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Additional information- Drums brakes long last almost 50,000 Miles to 150,000 Miles.

Wheel cylinder- its small double rod hydraulic cylinder located at the top side of the brake. See piston in pink color and cylinder bore in magenta color. 

Function- it will help to push the brake shoe in the radially outward direction when driver push the brake pedal. Brake fluid then push the cylinder piston or pins outwards.

Brake shoe- There is two brake shoes as shown in brown color. One is primary and second is trailing brake shoe.

If we only use one shoe, braking force will damage the axle and shaft of the wheels over the period of time. To counterbalance the braking force, 2 brake shoes commonly used and placed opposite to each other.

Function- Brake shoes are made with special frictional braking material and help to retard or reduce the kinetic energy of the wheels.

Drum- it helps to protect the brake assembly from dust, oil and moisture and acts as primary surface for bake application. It is shown in blue color in the above image.

They are made out of cast iron, sometimes aluminum drums are also used as they conduct heat transfer better ways.

Shoe plate- The plate is used to mount the all assembly part including springs, adjusting lever and cylinder and brake shoes. It is shown in green color.

Shoe plates may be produced through casting and then machined to closed tolerances.

Tension coil springs- These springs are used to retain the shape of the brake show after the brake release.  Tension springs pull back the brake shoe to their original position.

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