Is Mass and weight same?

Is mass of the person same on Earth and Moon?

A) Yes
B) No

Can you guess from the image?


Answer- A

Mass is just the matter contained inside the body. Lots of people get confused between mass and weight. When a gravity force is acting on the mass of the body, you will get the weight of the body.

As gravity is different for different planets, weight of the person or object will change according to the gravity of the planet.

More information on weight-

It is an amount of forces exerted by earth (Gravitational force) on the given body. So it may be called as a force. Its value changes as its location or position varies on the earth surface.

Weight on the earth surface and weight at 100 meter height will be different for a given object.

Weight= Mass X Gravity

As moon and earth have different gravitational magnitudes, the weight of the object or body changes at both the places. The heavier objects seem lighter on the moon, that’s why astronauts can easily jump on the moon’s surface.    

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