100 million Quora user’s data hacked.

Emailed on Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The popular Q/A web portal Quora yesterday announced, the data breach through the blog post on company’s website.

Quora stated over “100 million users account data have been compromised and stolen by hackers through 3rd party unauthorized application”.

Email id, Names, Passwords and other details including Upvotes, Downvotes, Comments, Direct Messages, Question asked on the websites by users has been compromised and Quora internal security and outside forensic cyber security firm is now investigating the breach and its analyzing the consequences to its users and Company.

Meanwhile, Quora emailed all of its breach affected users to alert them to “reset passwords” and “what happened with the assurance to working hard in the future to avoid such type of incidents.”

What Next?

Spear Phishing, Malware attacks through emails are on the way to the data hacked users. You probably receive emails regarding delightful schemes, offers through emails where users need to click on the spam links,fill-out some personal information, Credit card information and related offers etc.in near future. 

Security experts warned not to click on any links, check the email address carefully before any reply.  “User’s data may be on sale on the dark web”.

European Union may slap the fine to Quora to not inform the data breach within 72 hours to authorities and will be followed by United States if any user filed complaint against the company.

Quora Story!

Quora is based in Mountain View,California startup founded by two ex Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in 2009. Quora valued at $1.8 billion in 2017 with 300 monthly active users. You can post questions, write answers, write or post micro blogs on the platform.

Quora’s final advice to users

“It is generally a best practice to not reuse the same password across multiple services, and we recommend that people change their passwords if they are doing so.”

If you probably logged in with Facebook or Google account to the Quora, You should definitely “reset your password right now”.

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