70% chances, Elon Musk will move to Mars.

Emailed on, Tuesday, November 27, 2018

In a TV interview with AXIOSElon Musk said,he would consider 70% of chances to move on Mars with one of its BFR (Big Falcon Rocket).

Musk has these crazy ideas to colonize the Mars and  establish second home for the humans and believes that, human species must be multi-planetary.

Red Planet is 4th planet from the Sun and plenty of Iron oxide giving him Red Color which can be seen by naked eyes. With 95.97% CO2 and only 0.146% Oxygen.

Elon Musk acknowledges the many achievements and breakthrough made by his space startup SpaceX and planned to have manned spaceship travels with ticket price of£200,000 within 7-10 years.

SpaceX is the only private space startup company who successfully demonstrated the vertical landing of its reusable rockets on land and In sea used for space mission which substantially reduced the cost of operation.

And yes, it’s not the escape plane for Elon or other rich guys around the town to Mars, because, “Your probability of dying on Mars is much higher than on Earth. It’s gonna be hard. There’s a good chance of death, going in a little can through deep space”.

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