Amazon to provide satellite service

Emailed on Thursday, 29 November 2018

Do you know how many satellites running around the planet Earth? 4857, that’s the number.There are several options available to put your tiny cubesatPocketcubs and Suncubes build by engineers, college students, startups, scientist and researches and governments in “Lower Earth Orbit” and “Middle Earth Orbit”.

These satellites may used for broadcasting, earth observations, weather forecasting,space events, etc.  To take the data from satellite and process it, you require a ground station which cost more than a million (INR 7 Cr) for each and cannot affordable to startups, students, independent researchers, etc. to build a one for themselves.

Here comes Amazon!

Amazon launched its satellite ground station service to help small business, startups and students with”pay-as-you-use” model like subscription or rent for a week to process and transmit the data from the Satellites.

Amazon set to launch, 12 satellite ground stations by mid 2019 which help you to gather and process data through satellite links at ground stations. It’s more like “cloud service” or you take the computer on rent to store and process your data.

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