Apple supplier Lumentum forecast hints reduced iphone sales

14 Nov 2018_Campuscad


Lumentum, one of the Apple supplier forecast lower revenue projection for 4th quarter of 2018.

Lumentum LLC. supplies a facial recognition and augmented reality parts to Apple for iPhone’s.

This forecast directly affected the Apple Inc shares in US stock market and down by 5% on Monday.

Apple recently launched newer iphone models including iphone XS max , iphone XS and Iphone XR which cost around $749 to $1099.

Apple posted $53.3 billion of revenue for its fiscal 2018 third quarter ended on June 30, 2018.

To boost the sell, Apple also launched new iPad models with face ID and new mac-book air and Mac mini at its October 2018 event.

Apple also informed its investors and share holders that company will not reveal the shipment quantity for its products including iphone and Mac-books in the coming future.

The quarterly shipment values help investor and analyst to predict the revenue numbers and forecast the growth of Apple.

Apple Inc share traded at 194.5 USD with $923.55 billion market capital.

Apple and Amazon are the only 2 companies who crossed the $1 trillion market capital in August and September 2018.

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