China to launch its own GPS by 2020.

Emailed on Thursday, 29 November 2018

Beidou, China’s ambitious project to compete with GPS has started back in 1990s. China expected to spend approximately $10 billion on the development of the project and launch by 2020.

Why Beidou?

China doesn’t want to depend on a GPS system which is currently owned and controlled by United States Air force if war breaks out sometime in a future.

GPS launched by US defense in 1995. Chinese wants to put its own GPS navigation system on Cars, Military use, Smartphone’s etc.

Till date China has launched more than 40 satellites in the Beidou series and 12 more comes to join by 2020 to become a fully operational navigation system.

German and European automakers started working on a new hardware requirement for implementation of the system in its vehicles launched after 2020 as nobody will deny the Chinese government’s directions as China is the world’s largest automotive and Smartphone market.

China wants to reduce its dependency on essential technology developed by US and creates its own for future emergencies including Space station (Just months ago dropped on planet earth), Artificial intelligence,Machine learning, Infrastructure etc.

This technology eventually helps current Chinese government to track its citizens and Internet users.But the question remains, Will countries adopt Chinese tech GPS?

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