Chinese Internet giant Baidu developed simultaneous translation AI

25 Oct 2018_campuscad

Simultaneous translation

Baidu, Chinese search engine published the whitepaper on October 24, 2018 claimed that Simultaneous translation technology has developed by the company .

It’s a first “Simultaneous Translation with Anticipation and Controllable Latency” (STACL) system which can translate words parallel as user talks.

Company explained, how the order of words and placement of the verb and noun is the biggest problem in a translation system leads to delay. As translator needs to wait for the completion of the sentence.

 Baidu claims to develop the predictive artificial intelligence system which can automatically place words after words according to the sentence and avoid the delay.

The AI is trained for set of words which helps to predict the next word quickly. Baidu is showcasing the live demonstration of the AI on November 1, 2018.

Human translator error increased after 30 minutes of translation and required set of 2-3 translator always to get the correct sentences and mostly used intergovernmental conference.

Google lunched its pixel ear buds in 2017 which can translate 40 different languages but the translator required pause of few seconds for translation.

There are number of different portable translator available in the market which can translate a defined set of words between 4-5 languages.   

Simultaneous translation is useful for the travelers, bilateral meetings for businesses and Governments.

China internet population is around 800 million and Baidu AI will change the way people communicate and search.

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