€800 million fine to Audi in Dieselgate scandal by Munich II Public prosecutor

18 Oct 2018_campuscad

Munich II

Audi on October 16, 2018 accepted the fine of €800 million by Munich II prosecutors and agreed to pay the same to German administration in Dieselgate scandal.

Munich II public prosecutor concluded that, monitoring duties had been breached in the “emissions service / power engine approval” in certain V6 and V8 diesel aggregates developed by AUDI AG not meeting regulatory requirements.

€5 million fine for negligent regulatory offences and €795 million penalty for economic benefits through false advertisement and sales of the vehicles with not meeting the emission standards said by Munich II public prosecutors.

Earlier this month, Rupert Stadler, Audi CEO sacked by parent company Volkswagen over its involvement in the Dieselgate scandal and trying to influence the witnesses.Amazon ad

Volkswagen admitted it has built the 11 million cars with defeated devices.

VW till date fined by US, European Union, Germany, VW shareholders for combine $38 billion and now €800 million for its subsidiary Audi AG.

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