Facebook introduces new video calling devices called Facebook Portal and Portal+

10 Oct 2018_campuscad

Facebook Portal

Facebook introduced 2 new video calling devices named Facebook Portal and Portal+ to connect with family and friends on October 09, 2018.

Portal and Portal+ will be available on Amazon and other market places in the US from November 2018.

Facebook Portal hardware devices specifically designed to feel video calls less like a calls. Users would experience like they are in the same room irrespective of the locations, said Facebook in blog post.

These hardware devices are voice controlled and able to make group video calls to 7 people from your Messenger or Facebook contacts. It also has Amazon Alexa integration so you can order grocery, listen news on the Portal.

Facebook specified the guidelines for its Portal privacy policy around the user conversation and encryption. You can delete the voice commands through your Facebook accounts used during the Portal use .(Facebook single flaw exposed 50 million accounts to hackers)

To increase the usage of the hardware, Facebook Portal also Integrates Spotify PremiumPandora, and iHeartRadio etc.

Social Media giant has used Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in Facebook Portal hardware, which have smart camera lenses, smart sound built in.

Smart camera lenses increases the span of the area covered and user need not to be always in front of the Portal unlike mobile video calls required. If you move around the room, camera lenses adjusted in a way automatically and try to keep all on the screen.

Smart sound help to reduce the background noise for clear communication and with the help of AR, you can also add different voices and tones to your conversation to make fun out of it.

Portal and Portal+ comes in display sizes of 1280 x 800 (10.1″)  and 1920 x 1080 (16.5″) with price tag of $199 & $349 respectively.

Why Facebook required Hardware business and Facebook Portal devices?

Global business of hardware or smart voice control devices is booming and Amazon Alexa and Google Echo Dot is leading the market and Facebook portal wants to make its way into it.

Global Smart Home market was valued around $16 billion in 2016 and it will expect to grow to approximately $54 billion by 2022 according to report published by Zion Market Research and with Facebook portal wants to take some pie out of it.

To take the lead and control the market with enormous user data, Facebook portal may be a game changer into the space. (Facebook dating launched in Colombia)

Every tech company out there wants to control your home by using smart devices and Internet of things (IOT) and now Facebook portal. Apple HomePod, Fitbit trackers with Aria2, Microsoft Cortana integration with Nest thermostat and CAM, Samsung Smart things Wi-Fi and tracker, Sony Experia touch etc.

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