Facebook now checking political ads in UK to bring transparency and avoid election meddling

18 Oct 2018_campuscad


Facebook introduced new tools for advertisers who sponsors ads related to politics on the platform to bring the transparency on the platform.

From October 16, 2018 all advertisers from the UK needs to verify the identity and location and fill out the “paid for by” section as a disclaimer to run the ads related to politics, National subjects, political figures, political parties and elections .

By doing this, Social media giant claims to bring transparency to users that why they are seeing this type of ads and who sponsored the ad or who is running these ads on Facebook.

 After the 2016 Presidential election of the United States, FB was widely criticized that it underestimates the hate speech, Russian meddling and the ads runs by foreign parties in the US to hamper the Presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton.Amazon ad

The “paid for by’ feature already launched in the US and Brazil. Users can report any article from the news-feed they think politically motivated and company will check the Sponsored ad with new guidelines.

Facebook also opened up its Ad library to search the ads and related campaigns run by any FB page to the users. So they can check who was running the ads and who the targeted audience was.

The upcoming general election in the UK is scheduled to be held on 5th May 2022.

Facebook wants improve the platforms integrity with the users; reduce hate speech, fake news on the platform by using the AI and Newly developed tools.

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