Ford filed patent to put LiDAR sensors in side mirrors

Emailed on Wednesday,November 28, 2018

Ford recently published the details for its Patent to put the LiDAR sensors inside the side mirrors. Smart Move.

Most of the current Autonomous vehicles running around the US, China and European cities have mounted LiDAR system on and around the car including Google’s Waymo, GM Cruise etc.

What LiDAR do?

LiDAR is the method to measure the distance between the objects by illuminating the pulsed laser light and measuring the reflection by sensors.

All other car companies are using the LiDAR technology except the Tesla (Elon Musk wants to Use Radar and sensors with Powerful hardware chips to process data around the Tesla cars).

US automakers are heavily investing in the autonomous and Battery (Lithium-Ion)technology and cutting down the manufacturing of traditional Gasoline cars.

(GM announced 14000 job cuts by March 2019).

Google’s Waymo is ahead of everybody in the self driving tech and recently won the license to operate in San Francisco city.

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