Future of Internet in next 10 years: Chinese Internet and US internet.

26 September 2018_campuscad

Eric Schmidt

Former Google Chairmen and Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said Internet will split into two, one led by China and other led by US.

Eric Schmidt was attending the private conference held by Venture capital firm in San Francisco.

China is blocking all major US tech companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, All major news publications from US, Yahoo to Instagram, BBC to Whatsapp and more.

Chinese internet is government censored and has country wide firewall to block the US websites. No android app store or even Apple is having separate Chinese app store.

Eric predicted that, more countries will follow the same pattern in the future to close down the internet over its citizen privacy or intentionally control the people usage of internet.

China’s GDP is much more depending on its internet companies like Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu etc. Wechat has more than 1 billion user and only 10% are outside of the mainland China. It helps them to keep Chinese capital and user data inside the country.

China’s One Belt One Road initiative

Chinese companies are making its way to other countries including South Africa to other Asian countries by investing and funding heavily. China’s one belt one road (OBOR) project aims to connect major Asian countries to Shanghai and lead the economy in the region.

OBOR is world’s largest infrastructure project till date which can connect 68 countries, 65% of world’s population with 40% global GDP. It will help to accelerate the economic growth in Asia Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe. To do so, $900 billion yearly investment required for next 10 years.

Huawei already surpassed the Apple into the supply of mobile phones worldwide, Xiomi and Oppo’s low cost phone’s already captured the large market share of Asian countries.

But at the same time US tech companies are struggling to make its way into the China (Largest internet consumers in the world) due to strict government policies consequently, it is hurting US tech giant’s revenues.

US then promote and lead the free internet (not censored) but user privacy may compromise like Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal or Google’s Gmail scanning by third part apps.

Here comes President Trump

Trump trade war with China hitting both the markets but US President want to make sure, less Chinese investment in US tech companies over national security concerns and promote Made in America to compete with China. ZTE wireless equipment supplier already fined by US government by $1 billion.

US made a separate budget of $60 billion to fund the developing countries where China also investing to control and make sure its presence the market.

The conclusion is, free flowing of the information or knowledge will be getting blocked and mostly hurt the concept of “The internet “when it was originated.  

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