German officials raised concerns over Chinese 5G tech

14 Nov 2018_campuscad


German officials pushing back the countries plan to use Chinese 5G tech over national security concerns.

Huawei is the world largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer and tops the development in 5G technology.

Australia and United States also banned the China’s Huawei to participate in building the infrastructure required for 5G across the country.

China introduced the new intelligence law in 2017 for tech companies to cooperate with the government whenever required in country’s interest and security.

By citing the same concerns, German officials are worried about Huawei infrastructure for 5G internet may open back doors for Beijing which eventually leads to security compromise.

But Huawei explained, it’s a private company and it has no official links with Chinese government and slammed Australia’s decision as political motivated and narrow understanding of Chinese laws.

Bloomberg published the report in October 2018 stating Chinese military intelligence has planted microchips on the server’s, designed and developed by Super Micro company which ultimately used by Apple and Amazon servers.

Opposition parties from Germany criticized the government over its selective approach and ban of specific companies over 5G tech.

Germany will auction its 5G spectrum at the start of 2019. The Germans approach towards Chinese tech may lead to Domino effect across the Europe which will cost in billions to Huawei.

US president Trump signed bill in August 2018 to ban the Government and it’s contractors use of Huawei tech. United States fined ZTE and Huawei $1.2 billion earlier this year for selling American tech to Iran and North Korea which could evade the US sanctions over these countries.

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