Get free Pizzas for lifetime, Russian Domino’s promotion pulled out early due to high number of participation

24 September 2018_campuscad

Free Pizzas

Russian Domino’s pizza outlet promotion of free pizzas goes viral on social networks but ended up within 4 days of launch due to high demand. The promotion was first planned for 2 months.

You can inscribe the brand tattoo on your skin and post it on the Instagram under #dominoforever. You will get 100 free pizzas yearly for next 100 years. Yes you read it correct.

As it goes viral, people were posting the photos with tattoo on their bodies on Russian social network VKontakte and consequently pizza outlet had force to end the promotion earlier to stop getting requests for free pizza.

More than 381 people got selected for the earlier participation who share their tattoo with the domino’s and other appointments got cancelled by outlet.

Average disposable income in the soviet union is around 500$ a month. Disposable income is a money left after all taxes have been paid.

In 1991, collapse of Russian centrally controlled economy by communist party with high inflation rate resulted to tough transition to market based economy and were short supply of food, wearing apparel, and other basic necessities happened.

To get such free food from prominent outlets or food companies, Russians or anyone can do anything to win the offer. Cost to get the tattoo is more or less $30 on your 2 centimeter skin, but the rewards is huge and you get almost 100,000 Pizzas in your lifetime. (Min pizza in Russian cost you around 80 Russian Ruble)

Free food offers around the world!

Melbourne’s Cafe 51 was offering a free burger daily if you can tattooed Burger on your body. “Tattoos are for life, so why shouldn’t burgers be free for life too, right?” .

San Francisco’s Casa Sanchez offered free lunch for lifetime who got tattoos of Mexican restaurant logos.

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