Google Dragonfly project for China is real and could launch soon.

17 Oct 2018_campuscad


Google CEO Sundar Pichai has admitted first time in a public that, company is working on regulated and censored search engine project dragonfly especially for the Chinese market.

Mr. Pichai was talking in the 25th anniversary conference held by Wired magazine in the US.

World’s 20% population lived in China and its largest market for Smartphone’s, Automobiles and most important Internet users.Lots of revenue opportunities on dragons land.

Google has exited the China market in 2010 by citing the reason for targeted hacking attempts and countries user specific laws.Amazon ad

The Internet giant has started the project Dragonfly in 2017 to develop the censored search engine which cannot provide searches on human rights, free speech and other things which are not favorable to Chinese communist ruling party and first reported by the intercept.

“We wanted to learn what it would look like if Google were in China. It’s very early and we don’t know whether we would or could do this in China but we felt like it was important for us to explore, given how important the market is and how many users there are,” said Mr. Pichai in conference .

China also doesn’t have Google android play-store and with the help of Huawei and Xiomi, Google may try to enter china to provide service.

Baidu, Chinese search giant has more than 70% market share and  China’s country wide firewall is blocking all the major US tech website including Facebook, Google, New York times etc.

Amid the development of Dragonfly project, number of Google employees resigned from the company.

US president Donald Trump administration also pointed out the concern about the project dragonfly and asked the search giant about the development in recent congress hearings in September 2018.

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