Google employees open letter to search giant over Dragonfly

Emailed on Wednesday,November 28, 2018

Google employees on Tuesday posted an open letter to management over the Project Dragonfly. Google employees asked the search giant to drop the censored search engine for China.

So, do you know what is Dragonfly?

Dragonfly is the code name for the project under development from 2017 in Google HQ to develop the censored search engine for dragon country China.

Google and its services including Android (Google) play-store are not available in China.China has Country wide firewall protection.

The censored search engine will not allow searches regarding human rights,current political and governmental issues, Democracy, religion, Peaceful protest etc.  Which are inappropriate as per Xi Jinping government.(Democracy??)

Why Google Wants China?

Internet Population.  China has world’s largest mobile market with 800 million internet users and current search engine market is captured by Baidu. Google existed China in 2010 over continuous cyber attacks and censorship.
More users, More services, More profits.

What Googlers want to say?We are Google employees. Google must drop Dragonfly. Our opposition to Dragonfly is not about China: we object to technologies that aid the powerful in oppressing the vulnerable, wherever they may be.

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