Google staff protest against tech giant over sexual misconduct allegations

03 Nov 2018_campuscad


Thursday, Google employees around the world started the walkout over the recent reports over sexual misconduct at the company.

It was started at the Tokyo office at 11 am and other time zones around the world including, New York, London, Berlin, Haifa (Israel), Singapore, Dublin and Zurich.

Recent stories broken out as an involvement of Android creator Andy Rubin in sexual misconduct at the Google. How Rubin resigned with whooping severance package of $90 million.

Employees are unhappy that tech giant is covering up such allegations of sexual harassment.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai supported the protest and assured that company had taken strict action over sexual misconduct at workplace.

Google has over 94000 employees worldwide and 30% count to the women in 2018.

More than 48 employees sacked as per Google report over sexual misconduct.

Employees are angry over the type of mentality in the Silicon Valley by powerful executives.

Google owns more than 200 companies including robotics, mapping, self driving tech, Moonshot projects, smart home devices, video broadcasting, telecommunication and advertising.

Ft reported in July 2018, more than 4 women out of 10 harassed at workplace by their colleagues at media companies.

Uber has sued by former engineers and employees over the harassment in a class action lawsuit in federal courts in America.

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