Google to shut down Google+ for Consumer amid data leak of 500000 users and low usage.

09 Oct 2018_campuscad


Google announced on October 1, 2018 in a blog post, it s shutting down the Google+ service by the end of August 2019. Google+ is the social network started by Search giant in 2011 to compete with Facebook with its integration with YouTube and other Google services.

Company admitted that 500000 Google+ users’ data was exposed and the security vulnerability found in March 2018. Google+ Application Programming Interface (API) used by developers to create login page with Google+ helped to gain extra information of user’s personal information including name, email address, occupation, gender and age.

The Google+ API may be used to access the Google+ posts, Messages, Google account data and phone numbers.

The bug was found in the API and Google security team already patched the software with a code in March 2018.

More than 438 different applications used Google+ API, but no evidence found that either developer was aware of the bug or exposed user data is misused till date.

Google admitted that, 90% Google+ users only use service less than 5 seconds and decided to stop the hard work behind the maintenance and development of the social network.

Now onward, developer need to pop up new window for every data access or permission it wants from the user if users opt out to login to any service with Google account. If service provider wants to access your birth date, Phone number, G suit information, it need to pop up the permission window 3 times separately.  

The same rule will be applied to Android app store. Different apps want to access users call logs, message reading and modifying permission, so Google decide to stop such type of user cases by changing the Android API.

New GDPR rule set by European Commission requires informing any user data breach within 72 hours by company and face up to 4% of fine to the global revenue.

Google may face lawsuit by US or European commission like Facebook. Facebook and Twitter was grilled by US congress over user privacy, Hate speech in August 2018. Google was also invited but Company didn’t send any high profile executive to the hearings.   

Enterprise version developed for corporate ventures will be running as it is with more control and permission given to the admin to protect the user data and access to the data.

Facebook single security flaw exposed the 50 million user information to the hackers in last week.(Read more here)

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