Grand Theft Auto Publisher hunts homes of Cheat code developers

20 Oct 2018_campuscad

Grand Theft Auto

Australian Federal Court granted permission to raid the houses of allegedly cheat developers for famous game Grand Theft Auto.

The software named as “Infamous” helped players to become invincible and have access to unlimited in-game funds, best vehicles and weapons while playing.

Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive software with lawyers searched the homes for 5 people related to the cheat code software and seized the Computers, hard disks, bank accounts, and Crypto accounts etc.

As per the Court directions, developers can have only access to withdraw money required for living expenses.

Court ordered developers “You must not remove from Australia or in any way dispose of, deal with or diminish the value of any of your assets in Australia (Australian assets) up to the unencumbered value of AU$286,609.80 (the Relevant Amount).”Amazon ad

To change the environment of the game, now a days, developer create the Modd menu which also helps provide cheat codes of the game to take advantage during playing.

Cheat developers were also selling lifetime access to cheat codes and software for $40.

This is first time such strict action taken on the cheat developers to maintain the fair play for all gamers and fans of Grand Theft Auto.

The story was first reported by Tech publication Torrentfreak and they have also posted the Australian Court order online.

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