Hackers are earning as much as $500000 in a year

Emailed on Friday, December 14,2018

Freelance hackers are earning as much as $500000 in a year through bug bounty programs conducted by tech companies.  

A report published by Bugcrowd claimed that, in 2017 they have paid $150000 USD to 50 hackers through their platform.

if hackers found “more destructive vulnerabilities in the system”, they get earn more for their achievements.

On an average, hackers get paid $800-1000 per bounty program and as much as $2500-3000 paid to hackers by tech companies like tesla to check their defenses against cyber attack.

Even US defense department also conducts such hacking events through Bugcrowd to check the system vulnerabilities.

As per Indian Computer Information Response Team (CERT-in), 15,799 Indian websites were hacked in last 11 months only of 2018.

As per Bugcrowd, hackers are working on bug bounty program around 10 hours a week and hackers are aged between 14-44 years.

Hacking helps younger crowd to earn money, no educational requirements, Challenge and learn new skills and last to get high paying cyber security jobs in tech companies.

Nearly 50% bug hunters or hackers are self-taught them through “online coaching or blogging”.

Ethical hacker’s requirement is gaining traction in cyber space nowadays.Approx 3.5 million new jobs will be produced by 2022 in cyber security field as per reports.

Tech companies and Governments are losing billions of money over cyber attacks every year. then why not to invest in cyber security first?

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