Hong Kong bans E-Cigarettes as youngsters usage increased beyond control

11 Oct 2018_campuscad


Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam held a press conference on October 09, 2018 to address the ban on E-Cigarettes issue and responds to the 3000 letters received by her government on the same.

E-Cigarettes are the new alternative way to traditional nicotine based cigarettes and less harmful as several tobacco producing corporation of Hong Kong claims.

Hong Kong, the world’s fourth densely populated region and govern under Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China with 7.4 million populations.

E-Cigarettes contain pure liquid nicotine placed in the tiny cylinder without any added chemicals and carcinogens and with the help of battery, heating device vaporize the nicotine and push it directly into the lungs and very much popular in Hong Kong these days.

It helps to quite high nicotine tobacco cigarettes for adult users, but due to different flavor availability in the market worldwide and in Hong Kong, young users and minors (below 18) are attracting towards the E-Cigarettes.Amazon ad

New impose on E-Cigarettes in Hong Kong means no import, manufacture or sale in Hong Kong. Traditional tobacco business is shrinking worldwide and Tobacco producers and companies finding out new ways to sustain the business by innovating such products.

Previous decision has been to just ban on sale of new tobacco products to minors. But Carrie Lam and Health minister Sophia Chan Siu-chee of Hong Kong decided to take more strict actions reciting the concerns on health with medical evidences.

Cigarettes Business

World’s largest E-Cigarettes market US is also looking forward to impose more stringent regulations on the distribution. Around 2 million middle and high school students use E-Cig. in US in 2016 according to the Centers for Disease control and prevention (CDC).

Approximately $2.35 billion worth E-Cigarettes sold in the US in 2016 and  now the FDA is stepping in to control the use and distribution among the teenagers and around $6 million worth sold out in Hong Kong in 2017.

Price for the E-Cigarettes range from $12-$60 in Hong Kong and easily available to the market.

“We are disappointed by the governments selective and blind adoption of views expressed by certain groups, and ignored opinions from the industry and scientific data from overseas,” said Christine Hu, spokeswoman of the Coalition on Tobacco Affairs of Hong Kong. It would only boost illicit products like E-Cigarettes in the black market, she added.

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