Hyundai and Kia motors unveils solar roof technology for electric vehicles

01 Nov 2018_campuscad

Hyundai and kia

South Korean auto giants Hyundai and Kia motors unveils the future solar technology which can power up Internal combustion engines, Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

Automakers developed 3 different generations of solar panels which can use direct solar energy to boost the EV batteries capacity.

First generation solar technology used in hybrid vehicles which uses silicon solar panels integrated into the car roof.

Second generation technology uses semi transparent panels used into car roof which can charge the IC vehicles batteries and give additional panoramic view.

Third generation Tech will be incorporated in to Electric vehicles and installed in roof and hood of the car and its under development.  

Company claimed “When a 100W solar panel is equipped, it can produce up to 100 Wh of energy”

Who else is developing the solar tech for automobiles?

A German startup named Sono motors has developed  the vehicles with 330 solar cells installed on it’s all black vehicles and cost around €16,000 and will be out in 2019.

Audi with the help of Alta devices are developing the thinnest solar films which can be fitted on panoramic glass roofs to generate electricity from the Sun.

Dutch startup Lightyear one has developed the solar-powered vehicles which can give you range of 400-800km.

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