Italy competition commission AGCM fines Apple and Samsung over slowing down phones

30 Oct 2018_campuscad


Italy competition commission AGCM in last week fined Apple and Samsung over deliberately slowing down the older phones.

€10 and €5 million fine will be lying on Apple and Samsung respectively.

An investigation by Italian authority found out “Apple and Samsung implemented dishonest commercial practices”

Operating system updates provided by Smartphone giants will slow down the handset performance and caused serious malfunction which encourage users to purchase new models.

Investigation authority AGCM said, both the companies encourage users to install latest software updates which are not sufficiently supported by their devices.Amazon ad

AGCM claimed newer software induces more stress on the hardware which will eventually slow down during performing different tasks.

Apple also issued the notice to users that Iphone 6 series will be losing its performance as it is dependent on device battery life.

To prevent the unexpected shutdown and to level up the battery life, some of the app launch will be slower down.

Companies denies the claims by authority and likely to appeal the fine.

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