NASA spacecraft Insight lands on Red planet

Emailed on Wednesday,November 28, 2018

NASA achieved another milestone in space exploration landscape with successful landing of its InSight spacecraft on the surface of Mars. 

Mars InSight traveled for more than 6.5 months through deep space to reach the Mars atmosphere. Now it’s on the mission for next 2 years to get the data on Mars Interior (Red planet study).

Elon Musk led space startup SpaceX has planned manned Mars mission and human colonization in coming 7-10 years with reusable rocket technology.

Mars InSight sent its successful landing signals and first picture of Mars Surface to NASA on Tuesday.

Mars Insight has sensor like Seismometers, temperature and wind sensors, solar panels, one Robotic arm to place sensor on the Martian surface and Heat flow probe which goes deep inside 5m to check temperature.

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