NY Times investigation report about Facebook is scary

NY Times investigation

NY Times investigation revealed, Facebook gave permission to all major tech companies.

It includes Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Royal Bank of Canada with 150 others.

Reports claimed, they access the personal information and private messages of Facebook users.

Times report published on Tuesday, which is a blend of “interviews of 50 former Facebook employees and Government officials.

Emailed on Thursday, December 20, 2018

They also collected more than 250 pages of internal documents for analysis.

NY Times investigation made several claim about user data handling practices by Facebook for its monetary and user base growth purpose.

Facebook allowed Apple inc. to access the user calendar and contacts information without their consent or permission in addition to integrate them with the Apple device for more personlization.

Special privileged access was given to Royal Bank of Canada, Netflix and Amazon. These tech companies were able to read, write and delete the personal messages, see all Facebook contacts and email address, feeds of the user.

Facebook replied to NY times Investigation report.

In response to the above allegations made in NY Times investigation report, Facebook published a blog post. It clarifies the Facebook’s intent on sharing user data with partner companies.

Facebook claimed, all the data sharing was done certainly after the user’s permissions only. They also not violated any Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines settled in 2012 .

Whenever user logged in through Facebook plug-in to access the other service on different apps like Spotify or Bing search engine, user need to allow what information access they want to grant to the respective apps.

Facebook said, it has shutdown Instant personalization feature in 2014. But the API’s are still in the place.

It means, the allowed partner companies or developers can be able to access the Facebook user data after the shutdown as well. However Facebook did not found any evidence of any misuse of data till date.

The social media giant is now reviewing all its API services and contracts.

Facebook claimed, that it has shut down most of them except for Apple and few others which are still under active contracts.

Looks like, you read the whole story. Because its cool to know something real and helpful, right.

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