Project Titan by Apple (Car) in a dark??

Project Titan

Apple just slashed 200 jobs from its autonomous car development division code-named as project Titan.

Apple has started its autonomous vehicle development division back in 2014.

Since, the rumor was to develop complete autonomous car as Steve was interested into building a car after the first iPhone launch.  

Titan in A trouble?

Approximately 600 Apple engineers are working on the project Titan. Since, The team is lead by former Apple and Tesla veteran Doug Field and Bob Mansfield.

Now Apple said, it will move several of the teams to other part of the company “to support Machine learning and other initiatives”.

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“We continue to believe there is a huge opportunity with autonomous systems, that Apple has unique capabilities to contribute, and that this is the most ambitious machine learning project ever.” Apple said in Statement to CNBC.

Apple hired numerous auto industry experts from Ford to Mercedes to lead the project.But company still not shown any breakthrough results to the world.

iPhone maker has partnered with Volkswagen to develop the autonomous shuttle. The shuttle will be used by its employees to commute in its campus.

Apple in 2018 started focusing completely on software side.Therefore hired Toyota Lexus for its experimentation with sensors and software’s.

As of now company may have 55 registered autonomous vehicles and 111 drivers to run those vehicles.

Way To Waymo!

Autonomous vehicle’s future is lead by Google’s Waymo. Moreover Company recently got license to run into California with no human drivers on the wheels.

Waymo is using 40 Chrysler Pacifica minivans. Consequently they are running around Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Palo Alto.

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