Qualcomm sues Apple over allegedly supply of Source code to rival Intel

29 September 2018_campuscad

Qualcomm sues

Qualcomm sues Apple and filed for the revision in the previous patent infringement case against Apple registered in 2017 in San Diego superior court.

What new charges Qualcomm wants to add into old case: We had an agreement with Apple when it was first came to us as a customer that, the source code and tools provided by chip-maker to Apple will be audited time to time to check the development. But now Apple refuses to do so.

During the previous investigation of Patent infringement case, sources said evidences are available which proves, Apple engineers provided the source code to the rival Intel chip development team, therefore Qualcomm sues Apple. But Apple said Qualcomm has not provided any of those evidences til date.

Apple uses Qualcomm wireless modem in the iphone models since 2011. Qualcomm is the only wireless company in the world which has developed the wireless modem which transfers data in LTE gigabytes.

Currently no wireless service carriers in the US provide LTE Gigabytes to the consumers due to no infrastructure availability.

Iphone 7 model uses both the Intel modem and Qualcomm modem in the handset. The company said in the statement, Apple knowingly suppress the Qualcomm modem speed to level up with Intel modems.

Now Apple has shared the trade secrets to rival Intel to increase the performance of their chips.

Donald Rosenberg, told CNBC “Unlawful use of Qualcomm’s valuable trade secrets to try to help a competitor catch up irreparably harms us and must not be allowed to continue”.

Apple is one of the top customer of chip-maker, but the stress between two increase as company started charging extra for royalty on its technology used in several iphone models which is pretty higher than market standards, Apple said.

Iphone maker first filed a lawsuit for increased royalty fees and stopped using the Qualcomm chips into newer iphone and payment as well. So Apple decided to start using Intel modem in 2017 and newer iphones.

Qualcomm already fined by European commission antitrust regulators around for $1.2 billion for paying Apple in billions to use its snapdragon chips into iphone models and suppress the competitors. Apple has also filed a lawsuit in China for around $145 million against Qualcomm.

Chip-maker also filed a countersuit to hit Apple on patent infringement. Company asked US International Trade Commission (ITC) to stop the import of new iphone into the country and also urged Chinese government to look into matter where iphone’s are currently manufactured by Foxconn.

Lets see who wins the global legal battle over patent infringement and royalties

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