Robots and A.I. will take 75 million (7.5 Crore) jobs before 2025, world economic forum report says.

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World economic forum published the paper on 17 Sept 2018 showing future of human jobs and role of the smart machines or robots in the corporate and industrial sector. Authors argued that around 75 million jobs will be lost and humans will be replaced by robots at workplace.

Today, 71% of tasks carried out by humans and remaining 29% by machine. As predicted earlier, the AI and robots will take on the human jobs in next 20 years but the new trend and development shows, it will happen before 2025.

Why robots?

Robots can do predefined tasks precisely and repetitively without fatigue and errors and they can work 24 hours a day. Small code modification or update will make same robot capable of doing different kind of task. No needs to waste too much time on training and up skilling like humans do.

Different labor policies, current education situations, business approaches to develop the skills will lead to push industries towards work automation.

Developing the web app to train the drone, controlling the autonomous car and transport, creating algorithm for AI, machine learning, data scientist for Artificial Intelligence will be the future jobs for humans.

But no need to panic. More than 133 million new job will be created to help AI and Robots and for above listed skills.

Re-skilling and up-skilling the existing workforce is now the big challenge for the corporations to stay relative and help human workforce.

Fourth industrial revolution is on its way.

Fourth industrial revolution is building on the top of third revolution happened by digital industry and internet and it will be exponential rather than linear which can change industries forever in accordance with management, production and governance

“Our research suggests that neither businesses nor governments have fully grasped the size of this key challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” said Saadia Zahidi, a WEF board member.

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