Toyota to pay $208 million in Lexus ES 300 Crash

03 Nov 2018_campuscad

car seat

Dallas trial court Jury directs the Toyota, the parent company of Lexus to pay $208 million to the family involved in the crash.

A family from the Dallas region had an accident in 2016 with the Lexus ES 300. The vehicle was hit by Honda Pilot which leads to fall of front passenger seats on the back side..

A daughter and son injured in the crash and suffer serious head trauma and other injuries with safety belts on who was on the back seat.

The legal representative argues that, Toyota knew the shortcomings about its front seats and has flaws in the engineering, design, Structure of the seats.

The front seat designed in a way that it compromised the safety of rear passenger and child safety seats.

The 9 bench Jury directs the Toyota to pay punitive damages and fine to the Plaintiff family.

The Japanese automaker likely to appeal against the orders by trial court Jury.

Ford in July 2018 made a $300 million lawsuit settlement over faulty Takata airbags in its 6 million vehicles.

Faulty Takata airbags used by major automotive firms around the world and approximately 23 deaths happens due to the explosion of the inflators (read more here).