UK competition commission to launch investigation into Facebook and Google digital ad dominance

13 Oct 2018_campuscad

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Story first reported by The Guardian that UK competition regulator is actively looking an investigation into digital ad marketing dominance by Facebook and Google in UK.

Facebook and Google dominate the UK £13 billion advertising market and by 2020, Facebook will captured the £3.7 billion digital ad market which is slightly less than UK total TV advertisement market £4.04 billion.

TV advertisement industry is not in a good position in UK as advertiser are using more and more targeted marketing through Facebook and Google as they have enormous user data.

Competition commission argument is to regulate the digital ad market economy where large tech internet companies pay very little taxes over their larger profits.

Users are using the free services provided by tech giants by submitting personal information and with no money to user, Facebook and Google using the user data to earn profits through the information.Amazon ad

Facebook was recently fined £500,000 in Cambridge Analytica scandal and $5 billion to Google by European Union in android antitrust case.

The screen time on the mobile devices is according to comscore is 2 hours 30 minutes a day on different apps which is equal to TV for teenagers. It’s a good occasion in time for showing digital ad through their platform.

Last year world’s largest advertiser Procter and Gamble (P&G) spent approximately $10.5 billion on advertisement through TV and social media platforms with Unilever on second spot with $9.5 billion worldwide.

It’s a huge money but, Unilever and P&G threatens to pull out its digital ad from the social media by reciting, the social platforms are spreading the hate and violence among the people’s through platform and our costumer would not like to purchase the product advertise through such online platforms and further spread negativity of the brand.

People are using Netflix, HBO, YouTube and other services to watch new content and the hours spent increasing day by day as internet penetration is increasing which ultimately increases the content consumption and digital ad profits for the companies.

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