Where are the commercial Drones? Jeff Bezos?

Emailed on Tuesday, December 04, 2018

World’s wealthiest person and Amazon founder predicted 5 year back in a 60 minutes show,“Amazon packages will get delivered by drones in 5 Years”.

US administration gives 3 years permission to work on pilot program to run the delivery through drones.  But in retail sector, package delivery through drone is still facing the government regulation issues in addition to the Drone’s biggest weak spot-Its Battery.

Amazon already filed a patent in 2016 for delivery drones which can operates on Voice commands and gesture, such as waving arms.

Security threats come with drones and to control such type of tech, strict regulation must be ready in the place, before its implementation. “Nobody can recognize what drones are carrying around you in the city”.

Walmart has filed a patent for drones to help shoppers inside the stores to find out and navigate to the items you want to purchase.

Drones are very welcomed by some of the African nations to provide food, medicine,War-torn areas/countries in the Middle East to help reach injured people,Agriculture, Quality checks of bridges to underwater Pipelines, warehouses,real estates and more but not retail (E-commerce).

Major couriers companies including “United Parcel Service (UPS) and DHL”are testing drone deliveries to cover the ground as fast as possible but facing”battery life” (max 20 minutes??) as a major hurdle.

Indian government allowed operating of the Nano-Drones with regulation and by registering the details from August 1,2018.

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