Yahoo Together Group Chat Messaging app launched by Yahoo to enter into Messaging space.

05 Oct 2018_campuscad

Yahoo Together

Yahoo together another messaging app in the market, created and designed by old yahoo messenger team to take on messaging space which is already crowded by local and global Apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Line, Wechat etc.

Yahoo Together is available both on Android and ios and as per reports says, it may be designed for emerging markets like India.

What’s Special?

“Smart Reminder” is the feature which Yahoo added to its Yahoo Together app is the original and special one, Yahoo said. User can set reminder for any message and it will push the notifications to group users at given set time. No other messaging in the market provides the facility to get reminders about anything. 

In good old days, most internet users utilized Yahoo chat rooms for personal and private messaging or group messaging on Yahoo Messenger.

Internet giant introduced the all common features like text, GiF, Photos, Video attachment inside the app with group messaging. You can create separate groups for Friends, Roommates, and Family for a sole conversation purpose. App also designed to provide separate media library for groups like what Whatsapp is having with main search option.

Yahoo clubbed the reminder feature into the app which can also be useful for professional and small startups for business purpose. Slack is another app to do so, but it intentionally designed and created for Business users.

Yahoo massive data breach happened in 2014 and affected more than 500 million yahoo mail accounts and in 2017, it reported another massive hack happened and affected more than 3 billion user accounts.

Several different lawsuits have been filed against Yahoo for late disclosure and United state congress also looking into the cases. Security exchange and commission (SEC) also suing yahoo with $35 million fine. (Facebook Massive data hack in the history of company-read here.)

Internet giant unable to keep up with the current market and sold out most of the business except from Japan to Oath. Once valued a $150 billion company got acquired by oath to only $4.5 billion.

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