Your virtual profile has been made to target ads?

Virtual Profile

Virtual profile have been created by ad tech companies on the basis of user behavior on internet to target the ads.

A new complaint received by GDPR claimed, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Google has created the categories for advertisers which are sensitive to personal user data.

Categories include religious, political affiliations/ Views, Incest/Abuse, Sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, mental health, disabilities, ethnicity etc.

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If you searched any this kind of queries on search engines, you will get categorized accordingly and the ads will targeted on the basis of your search or activity whenever you visit web-page which uses behavioral advertising technology.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will not allow such type ad targeting based on users religious, health and Political views.

Real Time Bidding to target Virtual profile?

This tech been used by the ad companies to target the users with the relevant ad and the virtual internet behavior of the user.

There is continuous online real time bidding process going on and if you visit the web-page with behavioral ad technology, bidding will start by ad companies to show you the relevant ad and higher bidders will win to show you (or group of user) the ad.

This automated auction used by number of ad tech companies and it’s against the new GDPR laws.

The real time bidding broadcast the details of the users to ad tech companies which also called as “Bid-requests” containing highly sensitive personal categorized data.

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